It’s a dangerous world out there. And ballistic armor has become an essential safeguard not just for military and law enforcement pros, but also for Homeland Security, SWAT teams, DEA and ATF teams. The problem is that all ballistic armor plates are not created equal—and choosing the wrong ones can be a deadly mistake. This was the topic of a recent article by PoliceOne—which you’ll find at this link. (CLICK HERE).

At Capewell, we did our homework and determined that ShotStop ballistic armor is the best available not only for its superior stopping power, but also for its lighter weight, buoyancy and competitive pricing. And that’s why we agreed to partner up as a distributor.

Now ShotStop has created a FREE BOOKLET that outlines standards of protection and answers all of the questions that organizations need to consider when it’s time to purchase or replace ballistic armor plates. If you’re in the market…this is a great place to start.