Buffer Stop Assembly 400Buffer Stop Assembly 400

Buffer Stop Assembly (BSA)

Our Buffer Stop Assembly is the world standard for aerial delivery restraint systems.


THE CAS BUFFER STOP ASSEMBLY IS EFFICIENT, EASY TO INSTALL AND COMBAT PROVEN The Buffer Stop Assembly (BSA) provides 3G’s of forward restraint for up to 24 A-22 containers rigged to a maximum weight of 37,248 pounds for a Container Delivery System (CDS) C-130 airdrop mission. Safety Steps enhance Loadmaster mobility and safety. 108” design is USAF approved for all C-130 variants, 108” and 88” designs fit a variety of cargo aircraft. The BSA rolls into the cargo compartment and locks into the -4A cargo restraint system. Roller Pads stop roller indentation. The BSA is easily loaded and unloaded by forklift using the heavy duty Fork Lift Guides.

Buffer Stop Assembly Data Sheet