Emergency Breathing and Inflation System (EBIS)

Aqua Lung’s proprietary surface/sub-surface power inflator system with integrated emergency breathing air. The EBIS system allows the user to conduct maritime inflation operations with the confidence of having emergency breathing air on hand if needed.


• The Emergency Breathing and Inflation System (EBIS) allows the user to conduct maritime surface or sub-surface operations with the ability to control buoyancy by adding air to front and rear air bladders. The system integrates seamlessly with an existing rear bladder and an adapted front bladder that that allows the user to inflate both bladders equally using either the unique in-line power inflator or the available oral inflation tube.

The EBIS system also allows the user to breathe underwater using the Aqua Lung SEA emergency breathing 2nd stage regulator mouthpiece, which is connected to a cylinder of compressed air, typically worn on the back of the plate carrier. It incorporates the latest Aqua Lung -designed 1st first stage regulator made of light weight materials lessening the weight burden to the user.

When activated, the power inflator directs compressed air equally between the front and rear bladders, providing the user with the ability to fine-tune buoyancy without removal of any closed circuit rebreather mouthpiece that may be in use.

The EBIS system can be purchased with three cylinder configurations, two of which use the latest in weight- saving composite overwrapped design operating at 4500PSI.

EBIS Family of Products Data Sheet

EBIS COPV Data Sheet

EBIS Aluminum Cylinder Data Sheet

EBIS-4500 User Manual