Life Support Air Compressor (LSAC)

The Life Support Air Compressor (LASC) is a portable air compressor used as a source of breathing air for refill stations for Emergency Breathing Systems.


The Life Support Air Compressor (LSAC) is a three stage high pressure breathing air compressor designed to fill the  MRS-4500 (Mobile Refill System) and DRS-4500 (Deployable Refill Station).

It is a lightweight and portable source of breathing air that operates on 50 or 60 hertz single phase power. The unit includes an hour meter, pressure switch, vibration isolators, and purification system with automatic condensate drains. The LSAC is mounted in a protective metal frame with wheels for easy mobility.

The unit is manufactured by BAUER Compressors–the world leader in breathing air compressors.

Full One-Year Warranty.

LSAC Data Sheet