SPH-5 Rotary Wing Aircrew Helmet

The SPH-5 Helicopter Helmet provides superior protection and comfort in a strong, lightweight design featuring a composite shell and polystyrene energy-absorbing liner that effectively protects the head from impact. In addition to a rugged exterior, a washable helmet comfort liner — the Thermoplastic Liner (TPL) — optimizes overall head fit and comfort, and features special fastener strips for easy installation and removal. Capewell is the exclusive GENTEX distributor for US Army and USCG markets.


The yoke-style retention system stabilizes the helmet and affords an optimum fit at the chin and nape. Advanced ear cups that can be rotated for enhanced fit and sound attenuation, reduce the transmitted force while screening out excessive noise levels that can impair hearing.
The SPH-5 is available with a single or lightweight dual visor system that protects the eyes from glare, wind, and dust. The dual visor assembly features clear and neutral gray (sunshade) polycarbonate visors. An optional dual visor system is also available with a quick disconnect device for the ANVIS-6 Night Vision Goggle (NVG) mount. For particularly demanding mission requirements, laser visors, high contrast visors and gradient visors can be included as upgrades from Gentex for aircrew personnel to improve protection and visual acuity day, night or in inclement weather conditions. All Gentex visors meet all performance requirements of MIL-V-43511, and have an abrasion-resistant coating on the front and back surfaces in accordance with MIL-C-83409.

The helmet comes standard with a boom-mounted adjustable microphone, in addition to a swivel assembly, dual ear phones, a communications cord, and a microphone cord. The Communications Ear Plug (CEP) is compatible with the SPH-5 helmet. www.cep-usa.com

SPH-5 Helmet Data Sheet

SPH-5 Helmet Manual