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Survivor Lite Tactical Vest

The Survivor -Lite Aircrew Vest  is Capewell’s new and innovative vest design. This new patented concept integrates vest and flotation collar into one lightweight assembly.


The Survivor-Lite Tactical Vest’s innovative design incorporates a low profile flotation collar while eliminating common problems such as collar rub, neck fatigue, and hindered range of motion while wearing a flight helmet. The vest is a combination of fire retardant webbing and the new advance nomex /kevlar hybrid cloth providing robust wear resistance and fire retardancy.  


  • Minimum 44 lbs. of bouyancy
  • Single bladder inflated with one 40 gm CO2 cartridge (dual bladder available)
  • Survivor locator light built in
  • Survival whistle included
  • MOLLE pocket mounting system
  • Low profile flotation with superior flotation angle
  • One size fits most
  • Only weighs 2.63 lbs

US Patent No. 9405206B2 Issued June 2, 2015

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