Capewell Aerial Systems is the master distributor for ShotStop Ballistic Armor. ShotStop’s polymer plates feature exclusive Duritium technology and are far lighter and less bulky than traditional steel or ceramic plates. Importantly, they offer greater stopping power while maintaining their integrity better against multiple “hits”. Unlike traditional ceramic and steel plates, ShotStop’s standalone rifle plates are buoyancy positive (they float!), which is incredibly important for wearers operating in marine or aquatic environments.

ShotStop armor is available in a wide variety of standard and custom sizes to replace or upgrade existing plates. Further, Capewell Aerial Systems offers multiple plate carriers to meet specific operational needs.

ShotStop is quickly becoming the preferred armor for SWAT teams, police forces, and homeland security. Capewell is proud to offer the very best ballistic protection available to the brave men and women who step into harm’s way for the common good.

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