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Aerial Delivery Products

Capewell Aerial Systems has formidable expertise in specialty products for airborne cargo rigging and airdrops. We offer deployment bags, multi-loop lines and accessories for the smallest to the largest payloads.



Capewell Aerial Systems (CAS) is a trusted supplier of specialized aviation and tactical products for the US and Allied Militaries, law enforcement agencies and search and rescue organizations worldwide.


Breathing Systems

Capewell Aerial Systems is a master distributor for Aqua Lung Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) worldwide. Systems include Survival Egress Air (SEA) devices used by helicopter aircrews for underwater escape in the event of a crash at sea as well as Portable Helicopter Oxygen Delivery Systems (PHODS) for aircrews who fly at high altitudes.


Military or civilian emergencies on the open sea are perilous at best. Your chances for survival are only as good as your training and the equipment you carry. Capewell Aerial Systems is a trusted supplier of flotation collars and systems that have been tested time and time again in real world crisis conditions.

Gentex Helmets & Accessories

CAS is a stocking distributor of GENTEX Aircrew Helmets and the exclusive distributor for US Army and Coast Guard markets.


Hardware Products

Capewell manufactures metal parts and assemblies for our own products and as a subcontractor for others. Our customers are impressed not only by our capabilities, but also by our “can-do attitude”, and ability to meet demanding time schedules.


Parachute Components

Capewell is a household name in the parachute category. We are a major supplier of military parachute harnesses as well as related hardware and accessories for parachuting. Choose Capewell for any mil-spec parachute component or assembly.


Helicopter Ground Support

Capewell Aerial Systems now offers innovative products for helicopter maintenance facilities. Designed by maintenance pros, these products are “must-haves” for military and civilian shops alike. Click to view our product selection.

Search and Rescue Products

Capewell makes all of the basic safety equipment needed for hoist rescue operations including operator restraints, leg slings, and swimmer restraints. AERIAL’s patented helicopter rescue hook is the world standard for both civilian and military search and rescue operations.


Oil & Gas Industry Products

Capewell Aerial Systems offers a variety of products to meet the unique needs of the offshore drilling industry. Our product line includes compressed air emergency breathing systems as well as personnel transfer devices.

Air Warrior Products

Capewell is the primary manufacturer of the US Army’s Air Warrior System for helicopter pilots and crewmen. This versatile system includes Molle-compatible survival and tactical gear and is suitable for use with all rotary wing aircraft.

Cases, Pouches and Misc.

Case goods and other high quality sewn or machined products are needed by most industries from time to time. Capewell Aerial Systems has manufactured hundreds of specialty cases for military, law enforcement and commercial applications.


NVG Accessories

Capewell Aerial Systems offers a selection of specialty accessories for Night Vision Goggle Systems.


Personal Restraints and Seatbelts

CAS makes seatbelts and shoulder harnesses for fixed and rotary wing aircraft as well as restraints for hoist operators and loadmasters. We can customize products to meet your individual requirements.


US Coast Guard Products

Caperwell Aerial Systmes is proud to be a trusted supplier to the US Coast Guard. Our life-safety gear and search and rescue products meet the tough standards required for equipment that sees regular use in very demanding situations.


US Navy Products

Capewell is a ling-time supplier of specialty products for the US Navy.


VR Training Systems

Capewell is well known for our expertise in military air drop systems and procedures. And our strategic partner, Pennant International Group, is known for expertise in virtual reality training. Our two companies have now teamed up to offer VR Training products and services. Check them out here.

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