Capewell Aerial Systems (CAS) is a global provider of aerial delivery, life support, and tactical equipment for military, commercial aerospace, search & rescue and law enforcement customers worldwide. We specialize in highly engineered, mil-spec manufacturing, build-to-print and custom made equipment and devices. CAS products are engineered to perform under extremely demanding situations.

CAS boasts two modern manufacturing facilities; one in Windsor Connecticut and the other in Meadows of Dan Virginia.

We offer:

  • Product Design and Engineering Services
  • CNC Machining and Finishing of Metal Parts
  • Light and Heavy Duty Technical Sewing
  • Radio Frequency Welding/Inflatables
  • Assembly of Diverse Components
  • Testing, Product Training and Customer Support

Flexibility is our hallmark. We are able to produce short run jobs on demanding timetables. We can provide single-source manufacturing for our customers even when a given job exceeds our in-house capabilities. We do this by partnering with outside suppliers for related services such as metal forgings and castings, specialty coatings, etc. We are open to exploring joint ventures and strategic alliances with our customers.

In addition to manufacturing, we also provide ALSE SERVICES which include inspection, repair and recertification of aviation life support equipment as well as TRAINING in the use and maintenance of a wide variety of safety equipment for aviation, search & rescue and law enforcement.

Capewell is committed to demonstrating the highest level of integrity in our business and satisfying our customers with highly reliable products, delivered on time, and at competitive prices.