We Inspect, Service and Re-certify Life Support Equipment

Our ALSE team specializes in keeping military, law enforcement and SAR safety gear maintained and ready to deploy. Our technicians are trained and certified to perform required periodic inspections and to make essential repairs/upgrades not just on CAS life support gear, but that of most manufacturers. We also service and re-pack safety gear that has been deployed in the field for re-use.

Because lives are at stake, it’s imperative to keep your life support gear in optimum working condition…and it’s a job that is best handled by dedicated experts with the knowledge, experience, equipment and parts to do the job right.

Equipment that we service and re-certify:

  • SEA, HABD & HEEDS Bottles
  • Flotation Collars and Devices
  • First Aid, Signal & Survival Kits
  • SAR Equipment
  • Life Rafts
  • Parachute Components and Systems
  • Mustang Survival Suits

We service equipment for:

  • All branches of the military
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Search and rescue organizations
  • Commercial aviation
  • The maritime industry
  • Offshore drilling

Count on CAS for fast turnaround and exceptional quality. We comply with all manufacturers’ service specifications…and we guarantee customer satisfaction. Our service capabilities are always expanding. Our dedicated staff stands ready to take on new specialty service functions—so call us today!