Assembly, Kitting, Warehousing

Capewell Aerial Systems (CAS) takes pride in our ability to assemble diverse components and complex assemblies. Our production lines are built for flexibility and we can handle small runs or large quantities. Because our machine shop, sewing operation and RF welding equipment are housed in the same location, we can integrate work flow on products that incorporate metal components, fabrics/webbing and inflatables.

We inventory and warehouse customer-supplied or specialty parts from other vendors for integration with components manufactured in-house.

Strict quality control is maintained via visual evaluation and “N-th item testing” in our QC lab.

CAS is now fully capable of assembling electronic products and circuit boards through Marktime, a Capewell subsidiary specializing in electronic timing devices.

Kitting and warehousing services are available for customers who require “just in time” deliveries, and our shipping department is unsurpassed.