Product testing is an important part of both our product development process on the front end, and our quality control system on the back end.
Many of our products are life-critical, so failure is not an option. Our engineers are serious about designing products that perform under the toughest conditions and our quality control staff is charged with making sure every item meets its specified tolerances and engineering criteria.
Our in-house test equipment and technicians are capable of handling a variety of tests including:
• Tensile tests—both static and dynamic
• Electrical testing
• Mechanical life cycle testing
• Environmental testing—temperature, humidity, cold soak, hot soak
When testing requirements exceed our in-house capabilities, we call upon outside resources including specialty labs and testing grounds. These partners handle large scale tests, drop tests, salt fog, blown sand, blown moisture and many other specialty tests. Our Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) programs provide customers with measurable proof and certifications that products will perform as designed.