Capewell now offers Night Vision Goggle Mounts and Accessories from Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU).

AERONOX helmet mounts from ASU are widely acknowledged to be the best available for a fast expanding field. Night vision systems have become essential equipment for the military—both on the ground and in the air, and are in regular use by law enforcement, homeland security, search & rescue organizations, air-med teams and even fire departments.

AERONOX helmet mounts and battery packs from ASU are more durable and versatile than other systems. The QD universal interface allows secure attachment to both ground and aircrew helmets, and an NVG release button allows the goggle to be removed and safely stowed when not in use. A retractable lanyard prevents loss of the NVG unit. The integrated low battery indicator alerts the user when battery power is low.

We’re proud to add ASU as a partner and AERONOX as a product line.

Download product literature HERE. Or contact our SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT.

Josh Hall (VA)

Director of Sales
P: 276.952.3112
C: 859.585.2820