ALPS Flotation Collar (Dual Bladder)

The ALPS is the perfect lightweight flotation collar for military and civilian aircrews.  Available in single and dual-bladder versions. The dual-bladder version (shown) is designed with a unique redundant double bladder system with two CO2's, over pressure relief valve and two oral inflation tubes.


The perfect lightweight flotation collar for military and civilian aircrews.

The ALPS Flotation Collar is very light, so you won’t feel weighed-down while wearing it.  Its low profile design leaves you free to operate unhindered.  Attached to a vest using the MOLLE system, this is the perfect flotation device which is also easy to maintain.  The flotation bladder is part of the outer casing.  All ALPS come complete with whistle and water-activated light. It can also be fitted with an auto-inflation device.

Includes integrated whistle, reflective tape and water activated light (ACR L8-3).

Outer casing made of Fire Retardant materials.

Provides 35 lbs. of buoyancy.


ALPS Flotation Collar User Manual