Auto-Lok Hook w Threaded Shaft 600x600Auto-Lok Hook w Threaded Shaft 600x600

Auto-Lok Helicopter Rescue Hook

The Auto-Lok Hook by Capewell is a tried and true performer with built in safety features to prevent accidental openings and roll out. This hook locks automatically and yet is extremely easy to operate–even with a gloved hand and in cold temperatures.


SAFE & SECURE: The Auto-Lok Hook incorporates a latch that locks automatically when released for maximum safety. The latch has safety releases on both sides that are easily depressed by a rescuer with a gloved hand or even by an untrained survivor. The latch is designed to be operated with one hand and is extremely easy to use–even in frigid temperatures.

The Auto-Lok Hook is exceptionally safe because it is designed to prevent accidental openings which can lead to roll out of the load. Both safety latches must be depressed before the latch will open.

  • Manufactured entirely from 17.4 ph heat-treated stainless steel
  • Tested to and ultimate load of 16,000 pounds = 8 tons
  • Large capacity to accommodate multiple rings and carabiners
  • 1.25″ gap opening for easy loading of attachments
  • Integrated 3/4″ eye opening accommodates trail/tag line hook ups, chemlites, etc
  • Eye opening tested to an ultimate load of 8.5 tons
  • Meets all hoist manufacturer specs
  • Exceeds US Mil-Spec
  • Available with a threaded shaft or optional stainless steel swivel
  • Optional reflectors for easier visibility at night or in stormy conditions

Part Numbers: 

Auto-Lok Hook with Threaded Shaft: P/N AMTC-R2046

Auto-Lok Hook with Swivel Fitting: P/N AMTC-R2047


Auto-Lok Hook Data Sheet