Deployable Refill StationDeployable Refill Station

Deployable Refill Station (DRS-4500)

The Deployable Refill Station (DRS-4500) is a portable refill station for compressed air emergency breathing systems.


The DRS-4500 Deployabl;e Refill Station is designed to fill either one or two Aqua Lung Survival Egress Air units at a time. This device utilizes low torque flow control and self-bleeding fill valves. It also features an easy-to-adjust pressure regulator and gauges that can be calibrated.

The DRS-4500 can be refilled from the Life Support Compressor (LSAC). This unit is enclosed in a rugged, wheeled Pelican #1650 case in Desert Tan which can be easily secured to a bulkhead for travel.

Full One-Year Warranty

DRS-4500 Data Sheet

DRS-4500 User Manual