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Ripcords, Pins & Grips

Capewell designs and manufactures hundreds of styles and varieties of ripcord assemblies, lanyards, specialty pins and grips to meet the requirements of our customers. Find the product that’s right for you or contact us to develop a custom product for your specific needs.



Capewell designs and manufactures over 800 styles and varieties of Ripcord Assemblies and Lanyards to specifically meet our customers’ requirements. Although hundreds of designs are available, Capewell can also assist you in developing specific designs to meet your needs. Typical designs integrate stainless steel tubing with MIL-STD braided cable and stainless steel pins to assure that all FAA TSO, military and customer specifications are met.


Capewell’s Life Support product line includes Ripcord Pins and Grips manufactured to strict military requirements. Stainless steel tubing is used whenever possible to assure that Capewell Ripcord Grips are of superior design and quality. Our Ripcord Pins are also made from stainless steel and are available in several sizes and shapes. Capewell Grips, Pins and Ripcord Assemblies are used in a variety of applications including survival seat packs, rafts and aircraft slides. Our high quality products are also a major component of most military and sport parachute systems. Contact Capewell early in the design stage so we can help you develop and specify a product that will resolve your most demanding challenges.

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