Capewell is an exclusive distributor of Aqua Lung emergency breathing systems (EBS) for aviators. We offer Survival Egress Air (SEA) systems that provide a critical air supply to pilots and crews who are forced to ditch in water—as well as high-altitude oxygen delivery systems for helicopter crews operating in mountainous areas. (PHODS). Aqua Lung’s innovative Emergency Breathing and Inflation System (EBIS) is an innovative, dual purpose system that performs as an inflator as well as a source of emergency breathing air.

We offer training programs (your location or ours) to instruct personnel on how to use the equipment in emergency situations and how to maintain it. Our Aviation Life Support Equipment team services and recertifies deployed systems and performs period inspections as required. We sell EBS parts, accessories and a full line of refill equipment as well.View our full selection of Breathing Systems and Accessories
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Joshua Minton (VA)

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