Capewell Aerial Systems’ Emergency Descent Device (EDD) is a unique piece of equipment that allows pilots and crew members of large aircraft to descend safely to the tarmac during an on-ground emergency situation requiring aircrew egress or when ramps or stairs are unavailable. The device attaches to the inside of the aircraft and the handle is grasped with two hands by the crew member. Descent is slowed to a comfortable rate by a centrifugal braking mechanism.

CAS is the exclusive worldwide supplier and manufacturer of the device which is now standard equipment on many of the world’s largest military and commercial aircraft. The EDD is certified by the FAA for use on aircraft made by Boeing, Airbus and Lockheed.

Once deployed, EDDs can be returned to Capewell Aerial Systems for rebuilding without the need to repurchase a new unit.

We Rebuild Deployed EDD’s

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