CAPEWELL is a stocking distributor of GENTEX® aircrew helmets, parts and accessories.

GENTEX is the leading supplier of aircrew helmet systems for defense and security personnel worldwide. They are preferred because of their specialized features, comfort, ease of use and durability. As a stocking distributor, we have direct access to GENTEX helmets, parts and accessories, so we can provide very quick deliveries. We are especially proud to be the exclusive distributor for the US Army and Coast Guard helicopter crews.

Capewell Aerial Systems (CAS) offers the full line of GENTEX helmets for rotary wing aircrews, including the HGU-56/P, SPH-4B and SPH-5. In addition, we carry the specialized accessories that make GENTEX helmets the most versatile systems on the market. Options and accessories include communications platforms, specialized visors, maxillofacial shields, oxygen masks and dozens of others.

CAS’s ALSE Services Team handles repairs, repaints, refurbishments and upgrades for GENTEX helmets.

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For comprehensive information on Gentex Helmets, contact our SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT.

Nick Ashton (VA)

Customer Service Representative
P: 276.222.3700