Capewell Aerial Systems (CAS) engineers, manufactures and assembles complex devices for many applications. Our hardware products and assemblies are patented and set the world standard in their field. Our Emergency Descent Device (EDD) is standard equipment on many commercial jetliners, allowing pilots and crews to descend quickly in emergency situations—or when stairs or ramps are unavailable. CAS’s Auto-Lok and Slide-Lok Helicopter hooks are approved for use by the U.S. Military and preferred by search and rescue organizations worldwide. Marktime ™ precision timing devices are utilized in hundreds of products ranging from washers and dryers to parking meters and military flares.

CAS is the top manufacturer of parachute canopy releases worldwide. Our Capewell and Frost Releases are standard issue for U.S. Military jet pilots and paratroopers, and our M1/M2 Cargo Chute Releases have become a basic necessity for aerial delivery. Our in-house engineering, machining, sewing and assembly capabilities make CAS the perfect partner for companies wishing to develop specialty hardware products from simple buckles and clasps to complex, multi-function assemblies with close tolerances.

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