Like the military, the offshore oil and gas industry relies heavily on helicopters to transport personnel and supplies on a daily basis. Therefore, it made sense for major operators to tap into Capewell Aerial Systems for military grade safety gear and aviation life support equipment (ALSE).

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Our line of PPE includes survival vests, flotation collars, and harnesses not only for helicopter transport crews, but also for offshore rig workers who travel frequently by helicopter.

Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (CA-EBS)
Capewell Aerial Systems is proud to be the global distributor of the Aqua Lung CA-EBS and has worked closely with the world’s largest manufacturer of CA-EBS to develop a dedicated product line for the Oil & Gas industry. All of the CA-EBS offered meet the Category A standards as set by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and are designed to provide precious minutes of air in the event of a helicopter mishap at sea.

Personnel Transfer
Another innovative product we provide to the offshore oil and gas industry is the SeaTEP semi-rigid transfer platform which is perfect for short haul crane conveyance of supplies or up to ten workers. This makes for huge savings in both time and money for rig operators and transport companies alike. SeaTEP is safe and easy to use.

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Program Manager
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