Capewell Aerial Systems is a master distributor for Atlas Powered Ascenders (APAs) by Atlas Devices. APAs are high performance powered rope climbing systems that literally enable the user to walk (or run!) up the side of a building, a ship’s hull, a cliff or mountainside. These hand trigger-operated systems are intuitive and extremely easy to use. They are strong enough to move loads of up to 600 lbs. and can be combined with pulley systems to further increase capacity.

These rugged systems are made to operate in challenging environments—even under water—which makes them ideal for military operations, urban law enforcement, search and rescue, dive operations and homeland security.

Capewell also offers Atlas Devices’ full line of accessories and auxiliary equipment as well as comprehensive training at our dedicated training facility in Virginia.

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Joshua Minton (VA)

Busniess Development Manager
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CAS is a master distributor of Rapid Access Systems & Accessories by Atlas Devices.