We not only service most aviation life support equipment (ALSE), we also offer certification training classes for those who wish to maintain their own equipment. Our courses are taught by highly qualified ALSE professionals, and can be scheduled at our locations or yours. We offer an all-inclusive ALSE TECH SKILLS course that covers all major product areas or individual training in various equipment types including:

  • Emergency Breathing Systems
    • -Survival Egress Air (SEA)
    • -Personal Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System (PHODS)
    • -Oxygen Masks
    • -MOCRS MRS
    • -Iii Cylinder Visual Inspection Training (Future)
  • Flotation Collars and Systems
  • Vests and Harnesses
  • Technical Sewing
  • Anti-Exposure Suits
  • Helmet Systems
  • Survival Equipment

To find out more about Capewell Aerial Systems’ ALSE Training Programs, contact our SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT.

Michael Gall (VA)

Business Development Manager
P: 276.952.2006
C: 252.202.5795
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