Capewell Aerial Systems’ patented Emergency Descent Device (EDD) is now standard equipment on many of the world’s commercial and military aircraft. The EDD is a cockpit mounted escape reel for use in on-ground emergencies or in situations when stairs or ramps are not available. Flight decks of larger aircraft are generally so high off the ground that jumping would result in serious injury. The EDD allows a crew member to exit the aircraft and get safely to the ground in a controlled-speed descent.

Once deployed, however, an EDD must be rebuilt to make it ready for re-use. CAS handles EDD rebuilds at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. And our rebuilt units are FAA approved and held to the same high performance standards that our newly manufactured units must meet.

To find out more about Capewell Aerial Systems’ EDD Rebuilds, contact our SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT.

Jared Burns (CT)

Director of Operations
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