New product development is a strong point here at Capewell Aerial Systems. Our team of engineers has taken countless products from concept, thru prototyping and testing and into full production. So, when our business partners began to ask if we could engineer and test products for them, we were ready to answer the call.

Our engineering staff has deep knowledge of materials including metals, plastics and fabrics—and is well versed in most of the processes used to convert, transform or combine them into finished goods. With in-house machining capabilities, technical sewing, RF welding, assembly, and a fully functional test lab, our engineers can often evaluate ideas and theories in days instead of weeks.

Please contact us if you have a product idea at any stage of development. We have a lot of resources at our fingertips and welcome the opportunity to collaborate.

To find out more about Capewell Aerial Systems’ engineering, prototyping and testing services contact our SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT.

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Bill Ehler (CT)

Director, Business Development
P: 860.282.5047
C: 860.883.5780

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